Standards One

Otto Hejnic Trio

album "Standards One"
Otto Hejnic Trio
Producer: Hevhetia
Number of discs: 1

…the best czech jazz album of 2014…

One of the most original jazz trio of the Czech-Slovak music scene, released the second album STANDARDS ONE at the Hevhetia label. It follows on their very successful debut album “One”, which was the entire author. Now it’s about jazz standards, as the title says.

Jazz reviews said

… Although the chosen compositions have different origins and origins, the Hejnic trio translates them naturally into their own language. Böttcher’s Vinnetou sounds like a completely standard jazz melody that does not deviate from Besame Mucho and others. And by the way, from Vinnetou, it is perfectly clear how musicians, who of course have experience with larger sets, enjoy playing in the trio …

… a cover example of a creative interpretation of the standard is Stella By Starlight…

Let’s add that this album was marked by independent criticism as the best jazz album of 2014.


Tracklist: Band:
1. Scrapple from the apple
2. Interlude one
3. Besame mucho
4. Feelings
5. Interlude two
6. Misty
7. Vinetou
8. Stella by starlight
9. Postlude
Ondrej Krajňák – piano
Josef Fečo – kontrabas
Otto Hejnic – drums


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