Otto Hejnic Trio

Otto Hejnic Trio
Producer: Hevhetia
Number of discs: 1

Already the third album that Otto Hejnic Trio made, which is called LIGHTS, released again with the ever more exclusive slovak label Hevhetia.

The album “Lights” has so far only 100% score reviews, the maturity and the fact that the trio has been playing together in unchanged form since 2009, which makes the boys an interesting future.

Jazzreport reviews

… more than forty-minute albums, the listener does not let go; not only the hearing, but also the heart and the heart. Maybe you know the feeling of fluttering butterfly wings in your stomach … Hejnic’s trio plays sovereign, full-blooded jazz, and yet the listener can even whistle the main motif as catchy; at the same time wondering what the musicians with the motif actually do for miracles …


Tracklist: Band:
1.Strong Matt
2.Forest Elf
3.Adam Michael
4.Twin Flames
5.Dung Beetle
6.Spirit of the Mountain
Ondrej Krajňák – piano
Josef Fečo – kontrabas
Otto Hejnic – drums
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