OTTO HEJNIC TRIO came out last month with a new, fifth album. And again on the Hevhetia brand. And again appropriately vehemently. In addition, the self-titled recording “This Is How It Is” is somewhat different in expression, although it retains all the attributes that characterize this trio… Unlike all previous titles, including 2018’s “BeautieS,” the trio’s sound is influenced by electric piano, not acoustic. Of course, this naturally had to dampen the rhythmic expansion. The rhythmic current thickened and gained vigor, strength and an even more powerful pull on the goal. Bandleader and drummer Otto Hejnic and double bassist Josef Fečo demonstrate power jazz directness! This happens in the opening and closing tracks. “Rousta” has an almost rock-like rhythm, while Ondrej Krajňák’s electric piano is melodically flowery and enhances the strong theme.