A unique musician and composer who is one of the most sought-after
europpean drummers due to his versatility as a player. He is a member of
a number of successful music projects with international participation.

As a leader, he released eight albums and as a sideman he is on almost
40 more albums, he regularly performs concerts not only in the Czech
Republic and Slovakia, but also throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

After graduating from the Prague State Conservatory with professor
Veselý (percussion major), he also devoted himself to piano and
composition. He became a company player for Yamaha drums for two years.

At the age of 22, he received a scholarship to study at the prestigious
American Berklee School of Music in Boston. Although he did not use it,
he lived in the USA for several years and gathered experience.

He played with excellent musicians. He also recorded his first jazz
album “Live from New Orleans” in the USA. After returning to Prague, he
became a teacher at the American “International School of Music and Fine
Arts Prague” (ISMFA).

In 2009, he founded his own jazz trio, for which he composes
compositions. The Otto Hejnic Trio consists of the excellent Slovak
pianist Ondrej Krajňák and the virtuoso double bass player Josef Fečo.
They released three highly acclaimed albums on the prestigious Slovak
label Hevhetia. They have already played several hundred concerts and
regularly perform not only throughout Europe, but are also invited
overseas, such as for example at the International Jazz Fest Mexico and
the subsequent tour in 2015.

Otto also composes. In addition to commercial and theater music (e.g.
the play Sleeping Around for the Scary Theater in 2010), he composed the
music for the film documentary Hotelier directed by Josef Abrhám Jr. The
film depicting famous actors (Pavel Landovský, Vladimír Pucholt, Josef
Abrhám, Libuše Šafránková, Jan Kačer) was nominated for the Czech Lion
Award in 2014.

Last but not least, Otto takes pictures and exhibits his photographs
(Libereck Gallery, cafe and exhibition hall, Prague Rock Café Gallery,
Obzor Rudná Café Gallery, etc.)

In 2022, he founded another project – Otto Hejnic Organism with newyork
hammond player Brian Charette a welsh saxophonist osian Roberts.
In 2023, the Organism project has two albums.

Otto has another project, in January 2024 he will record another album
in New York with the fantastic guitarist Peter Bernstein and again with
the hammond organ player Brian Charette. The album will be released in

Otto has yet another project with Los Angeles drummer Michito Sanchez
and Brian Charette. The new album will be released at the end of 2024.

Otto Hejnic works in the following bands:

Otto Hejnic Organism (Hammond organ modern jazz w. Brian Charette and
Osian Roberts))

Otto Hejnic Organism feat. Peter Bernstein

Otto Hejnic Organism feat. Michito Sanchez

Otto Hejnic Trio (modern jazz)

Otto Hejnic Trio feat. Chuck Wansley USA/CZ

Otto Hejnic vintage swing band (swing music of century)

Pavel Šporcl – Feeling Good (czech violin virtuozo play legends of rock)

Dani Robinson Concept USA/CZ (rock/blues)

Rajnošek B.and (fusion)

Zuzana Lapčíková Band (Moravian folklore connected with jazz)

Mute Deafnes (legendary rock band)